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223 Ammunition

Do you need to find 223 ammunition but you don’t want to spend a fortune? C&C Indoor Range is here to help. We offer 223 ammunition for a great price, and we always make sure that our ammo is safe and like-new.

Learn More About 223 Gun Ammunition

Certain ammunition can be hard to find, and 223 ammo is among some of the harder caliber rounds to buy. Because of that, new rounds are more expensive than normal, when you can even find them, so you may find that your 223 gun just sits inside and collects dust.

However, with our 223 ammunition supply, you can get bulk 223 rounds for an amazing price. C&C Indoor Range has invested in high-quality commercial ammunition manufacturing machines, machines that can load upward of 50,000 rounds each day so that we can provide bulk ammunition.

We hold each of our rounds to a strict safety and quality standard, so we are confident that you’ll get the ammo you need with our 223 ammunition supply. If you’d like to buy 223 ammo today, check out our store page. Or you can contact us at (864) 804-6720 with any questions you have.

223 ammo

223 62gr SXP C&C
20ct Box

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