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The C&C Indoor Range Story 

Our founding fathers knew the importance of having the ability to protect the things that matter most in our lives. It’s why they had the foresight to include the second amendment in the constitution, which gives every American the inalienable right to own a firearm. Today, C&C Indoor Range continues to support that freedom and help gun enthusiasts throughout the Upstate exercise their rights. 

Owner Leslie Harrell got into the industry as a side job while serving as a local Sheriff’s Deputy. He and his brother started manufacturing their own ammunition in a small, 250 square foot shed behind his house in 2013Being the family man that he is, Leslie decided to name this new venture after his two sons, Colton and Carson. And that’s how C&C Indoor Range originally got started.  Over the years, he slowly expanded into two new locations in Greer and Gaffney. In 2017, Leslie was presented with the opportunity to purchase Spartanburg’s only indoor shooting range, and he consolidated all of his businesses into one full-service company.  

Today, C&C Indoor Range continues to be a family operation, owned and operated by Leslie and his wife, Blythe. While it still maintains those core family values, it’s quickly become the Upstate’s premier shooting range. We carry the very best selection of firearms, tactical gear, and ammunition. We are the only indoor shooting range in Spartanburg County. We offer training courses ranging from beginner to advanced, all taught by experts in the field.

If there’s one thing that we owe our tremendous success to, it’s our dedication to providing the highest level of customer service possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to shoot at our range, purchase a new firearm or ammunition, or participating in one of our many training courses. You can have confidence knowing you’ll be looked after by a highly-trained, knowledgeable, and compassionate member of our team. 

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