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FIT - Firearms Introductory Training To CWP

Combining the FIT course with the CWP course saves you time and teaches you both how to handle a weapon, and the legalities of carrying that weapon. CWP classes do not teach you how to shoot, so we designed this hybrid course for those who are new to firearm ownership.

The FIT class is geared for someone who has little to no firearm experience or needs a refresher course. This is typically a 1-on-1 course, but we can accommodate up to 5 people if needed. This course consists of a 2-3 hour session split between a classroom setting and the range.  At the end of this session, you will do your 50 shot shooting qualification for your CWP certification.

Once you complete the FIT portion, you will return on a scheduled day to complete the legalities portion of the CWP certification and take your written CWP test.

This is a custom scheduled class, so give us call at 864-804-6720 and we’ll get that scheduled for you.


  • Gold Member- $124.00
  • Silver Member- $139.50
  • Non-Member- $155.00