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Meet the Team

We are incredibly grateful to have an amazing team of firearm specialists, instructors, and ammunition specialists here to serve you. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to shoot at our range, purchase a new firearm or ammunition, or participating in one of our many training courses. You can have confidence knowing you’ll be looked after by a highly-trained, knowledgeable, and compassionate member of our team.


Leslie H.


Born and raised right here in the Upstate of South Carolina, Leslie founded his business in a 200 square foot building that was 70 years old at the time back in 2013. Before that, he proudly served as a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Deputy from 2008 to 2013, and he was lucky enough to marry his high school sweetheart. The two of them now have two teenage boys, and the whole family loves to spend time together hunting, fishing, and shooting.

Blythe H.


A native of the Upstate, Blythe worked in the banking industry for years before transitioning to the C&C Indoor Range team. Since joining us, she’s provided unparalleled support as we’ve moved, expanded, and experienced downtime. Blythe is married to her high school sweetheart and cherishes every moment she gets to spend with him and the boys.


Richie S.

Retail Manager and Instructor

We’re honored to have retired Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Deputy Richie Strawn on the C&C Indoor Range team. He brings years of experience to the table as a Firearms Instructor and holds numerous certifications, including from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (handgun and shotgun), NRA (handgun), Defense Technologies (AR/patrol rifle), and S.L.E.D. (concealed weapon permit). Richie is also the co-owner of 2R Defense LLC, and he enjoys camping and kayak fishing with his spouse, 2 adult children, and granddaughter.

Firearm Specialist

Dustin M.

Firearms Specialist

Dustin joined C&C Indoor Range in 2020, and he is highly experienced in older firearms and current productions along with being a Glock-certified armorer. In his free time, Dustin enjoys shooting and spending time outdoors, and he’s the proud father of 2 daughters.

Cheyanne D.

Firearms Specialist

For the past two years, Cheyanne has been providing an impressive knowledge base and her unparalleled customer service skills at C&C Indoor Range. She takes great joy in interacting with customers and helping them make the best purchase possible. When not at the range, Cheyanne can be found spending time outdoors, painting, playing the guitar, and shooting.


Firearms Specialist

BJ has been a valued member of our team since 2018, working as a part-time employee. He balances his time here with working as a full-time Sheriff’s Deputy in Spartanburg County where he serves in the Warrant Division. BJ also supports the K9 team and is an active Coast Guard Reserve. This unique background has given him superior knowledge in the firearm industry. When not working, BJ enjoys fishing, hunting, shooting, and spending time with his family.

Damian A.

Firearms Specialist

Damian joined C&C Indoor Range in 2019 and has continued to build upon his excellent knowledge base in his time here. He enjoys defensive shooting and is always training to keep his skills sharp, and he finds great joy in helping customers better their own skills. Damian is an avid shooter and fisherman, and he enjoys spending time with his friends.

Josh C.


Josh graduated Cum Ladue from Piedmont Technical College with an associate degree in Applied Science, majoring in General Technology Gunsmithing. Josh comes to us with years of experience, in fact, he still owns and manages his own gunsmithing business, TBR Gunworks, LLC when he’s not gunsmithing for us. He enjoys competition shooting, gunsmithing, hunting and hiking with his wife, child, and two dogs.

Ammo Specialist

Eric H.

Ammunition Specialist 

Eric has been with C&C Indoor Range since its inception and brings years of retail, gunsmithing, and ammo loading experience to our operations, and he always strives to produce the most accurate ammunition possible. He has been shooting since he was a child and has grown to love the sport of hunting and shooting as well as long-range shooting. Eric is married with 3 children – 2 boys and a girl.

Tyler M.

Ammunition Specialist

Tyler joined the C&C Indoor Range family in 2021 and currently works in the ammunition loading division. He starting shooting at the young age of 10, and since that time, he’s become a registered Master USPSA shooter and has been shooting competitively since 2017. Originally from California, Tyler recently relocated to South Carolina with his family, and he enjoys shooting, hiking, and playing video games.

Layton D.

Ammunition Specialist

As a young man still in high school, Layton joined C&C Indoor Range in 2021 as an assistant in the ammo loading division. He’s been around firearms his entire life, and he brings a dedication and passion for this industry to work every single day. There are few things Layton enjoys more than spending an afternoon with his family shooting on the range or time out hunting with his friends.

Sara L.

Ammunition Inspector

Though you don’t see Sara much in the shop or the range, you see her work both in the gun shop and on our online store. Sara has a keen eye for detail, and she spends her days inspecting and packaging all our C & C Indoor Range manufactured ammo. While here, she keeps everything on track and rolling smoothly. When she’s not here, she enjoys spending time with her two teenage sons and her extended family.