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Range Rules

  1. No one is allowed on the range under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substances.  
  2. No loaded firearms are to enter to exit the building. All magazines and speedloaders must be unloaded. Load firearms at firing line only. No firearms are permitted in the store without being in a container.  
  3. Firearms may be inspected at the check-in counter at the request of C&C Indoor Range staff. Any firearms or ammunition found to be unsafe or unserviceable will not be allowed on the range.  
  4. All handguns, rifles and shotguns are subject to approval.  
  5. Two shooters are allowed per lane with approval. No spectators allowed in the shooting bay. All persons entering the range will be charged accordingly.  
  6. Eye and ear protection must be worn at ALL TIMES on the range.  
  7. Unauthorized targets are not permitted on the range. Minimum size for targets is 12” x 12”. Shooting at anything other than your own target is strictly prohibited.  
  8. No headshots for inexperienced shooters. Shots must be a minimum of 15 inches below the target hanger(s).  
  9. Wearing or drawing from a holster is not permitted on the range.  
  10. The muzzle of all firearms must be kept pointed downrange at all times. If leaving the range temporarily, leave all the firearms on the firing line unloaded with the action open and the muzzle pointing downrange and notify RSO that you are leaving the station.  
  11. All firearms must arrive and leave the shooting station in an enclosed manner. No uncased firearms may lean the shooting station.  
  12. If a misfire or other malfunction occurs, keep the firearm pointed downrange and signal the range staff. Place the firearm on the bench pointed down range, and obtain assistance. DO NOT leave the firing line with a loaded or jammed firearm.  
  13. All ammunition is subject to inspection and approval. Allowable calibers for handguns and rifles: .22 rim fire through .300 Win. Mag. NO PISTOLS THAT ARE CHAMBERED FOR RIFLE CARTRIDGESNO STEEL CORE, ARMOR PIERCING OR TRACER AMMUNITIONS ARE ALLOWED 
  14. No birdshot is allowed in the range, only buckshot or slugs permissible for shotguns.  
  15. C&C Indoor Range and its staff shall not be held liable for any damages incurred from use of ammunition. Customer will resolve an issues with the manufacturer of the product.  
  16. No fast or rapid firing allowed. Allow at least 3 seconds between shots. Any hazardous behavior WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL FROM THE PREMISES.  
  17. Comply with all instructions from the range staff.  
  18. Report an unsafe conduct to the range staff immediately. 
  19. Any violation of range safety rules will result in IMMEDIATE REPRIMAND and possible DISMISSAL from the range.  
  20. Only ammunition purchased at C&C Indoor Range will be allowed in rental firearms